A printable copy of this page is available as a PDF here: Introduction Letter

Available Lots

Hello Possible New Neighbour,

Welcome! My name is Gordon Squires. I am the developer of the Granite Woods Community. I am pleased you have expressed an interest in our development and community.

We have had considerable interest in our beautiful Granite Woods Community. Everyone loves the lake and the lifestyle it has to offer… Lake Life Rocks!

Some have want to buy and build, and others who look at it as a great financial investment. It truly is both.

Our Bold Challenge

(to scare some of you away) 🙂

Granite Woods is definitely not a fit for all… NOR are all a fit for Granite Woods.

It is exciting (and a bit awe inspiring) that we continually have waaaaaay more interest than lots we are willing to sell.  Our standards are carefully, respectfully, and neighbourly high… also crazy fun for those who take the time to read, ask questions, and understand the great end quality-of-life they provide to your family.

If you have a need to: clear-cut your land; bulldoze to the water’s edge; spread grass seed to the water’s edge; then forever weed’n’feed and sprinkler your ‘natural’ paradise… you are a great urbanite, we love you, but clearly you are not a true nature lover… nor are we a fit for you.  If this described your life long dream, we respect you, and sincerely wish you GREAT GREAT fortune in your quest.  If you would ever like to talk about EASY fun natural alternatives, we’d be happy to chat and show you those EASY rewarding alternatives.

Not all people want to meet our standards of sincere and EASY forest ecology, lake system water purity, EASY small ECO foot-print, nor are up to the EASY fun challenge of conquering off-grid.  BTW, if you are ever interested, it is pretty simple and very rewarding when you step-out of your normal urban box/bubble to consider these easy fun rewarding alternatives.

It is reeeal easy to scare urban people away, soooo if I haven’t scared you off (with the last 4 short paragraphs), then kudos to you, and maybe you are a fit for Granite Woods.  If you didn’t get to this paragraph, I was successful in narrowing the field… wheeeew 🙂 … to just a fun person to talk to… like you… 🙂

Granite Woods Location and Offerings

  • Lakefront lots! Limited number available, occasionally.
  • All with 250’+ of waterfront… all large… from 3.25 to 7 acres.
  • Finding the right families is more important than you having upfront cash.
    ...Developer financing available.
  • We are on THE BEST and cleanest fresh water lake systems in Atlantic Canada.
    GREAT swimming! Great water skiing! Great boating! Great special canoeing & kayaking areas!
  • From North to South the water system is 10km long.
    We have 40 km of shoreline, and 40 islands of various sizes.
  • Close to civilization… yet very private… seldom will you hear a car.
  • Unlike most NS lakes, the water stays at the same height all spring and summer, due to a NS Power hydroelectric dam.
  • In the fall, the water is dropped 4’ to make eco-electricity, and remains low all winter, protecting our docks and shorelines.
  • All lots have easy access to 100’s of km of ATV/snowmobile trails.
  • Within Granite Woods we have over 1,000 acres of private non‐motorized hiking manicured trails, rough woods, and rugged wetlands... this number is slowly growing.
  • All our lake lots (most of the time) have a great on‐shore breeze. (Helps push bugs away.)
  • All our lake lots enjoy GREAT sunset views.

Our Community: All Are Welcome

Granite Woods offers lots of privacy, yet still part of a great community:

  • We each live on our private secluded property, in our own space.
  • Optionally, there are opportunities to volunteer with some community efforts.
  • With the exception of essential services like 911, and county garbage collection, we are mostly on our own.

We are truly an Off‐Grid Community... well ‘kind of ’… everyone does makes their own electricity, BUT unlike some off‐grid stereotypes, no one is roughing it, or living off the land... or at least not yet 🙂.

There are some hippy dippy people among us (like me), but we all like clean hot water and
very civilized living:

  • Satellite TV is easy with Bell Satellite, and has the same (or better) selection than cable TV.
  • High Speed Internet is available with Eastlink's Rural Wireless, Xplornet, and StarLink. I now use StarLink and regularly watch Netflix, and connect to the office via VPN.
  • Most have propane appliances and heat. Propane and natural gas are very common
    throughout Canada and the USA… just not as much in NS. There are lots of great
    appliance options. We have an awesome group propane rate... cheaper than HRM LNG.
  • When you are ready, there are some great suppliers who can hook‐up and maintain
    your solar electrical system... When NS Power goes out we are not affected.


I would be happy to chat and answer any of your questions.

Please email or text me, and we’ll organize a shoreline boat tour and my off‐grid home. Even if you don’t buy a lot, we’d love to show you around.

Kindest Regards,
Gordon Squires
Email: gsquires@GraniteWoods.ca
Text: (902) 300‐0555

            If/when you text me, please give me some of your background.

Your New Lake Lot

Please open Map #3, as it will help greatly as you read the information below.

  • Price and Financing:
    • If you want, we can help you finance your lot purchase. Very flexible terms and amortization. Pay‐off early at any time.
  • There are many pictures on our photo gallery.
  • If you are looking at Google Maps, look toward the south east side of Aylesford Lake.
  • If you look at ViewPoint.ca you can get a better appreciation for the size of GraniteWoods.
    … from the north end of Fancy Cove, to the south end of Loon Lake.
  • The topographic contour lines illustrate the grade of the land. Each line is at the exact same elevation. The lake is at 206m. The contour lines are vertically 5m apart. Different people like different landscapes. These will help give you a big picture view before you start hiking through the woods. (most of this section has already been sold, but it helps to give you a lay of the land.)
  • The 250’ diameter circles are for septic guidelines, but also helps you judge sizes. FYI, if you can draw a 250’ diameter circle on the lot it gets an easy NS‐DOE (Department of Environment) septic approval.
  • Standard Granite Woods Developer Easement (covenants) apply. These provide many reasonable development and neighbourly guidelines. You will receive great comfort that your neighbours will be held to the same high standard as you are. Ensuring that your lake property holds its value forever.
  • We have some common facilities planned. Just south of Lot 27 is where our new boat launch and beach were built.
For more information see the full PDF here: Introduction Letter